Why are the Nike shoes being burnt against this football player in America? The issue of nationalism in America was raised in 2016, when the quarterback player Colin Copernicus, on behalf of the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League, refused to stand on the American national anthem before a match, knees Were sitting on Kaepernick had chosen that route to protest against racial attacks and police shooting against black people throughout the United States. Now the Kepler’s are in the discussion again. Apparel and footwear brand Nike has made Kaepernick the face of his new advertising campaign. Nike’s protests have begun in the United States since the face of Kaepernick’s face is brand new. There people are burning Nike shoes in protest, investors have sold their shares and the customers have demanded the company’s boycott. At first glance, the company is facing big opposition at the moment, but the marketing expert believes that the company has the advantage. Market experts said that all this is exactly what the company wanted and the company would be successful too.
Strategist Consulting firm Vivaldi CEO Eric Joaquim Stellar said that for Nike only money will come from it. They have already been branding such rebel Attitude and now they are strengthening the brand by choosing Kaepernick. Nike has been sponsoring Kaepernick since 2011, and the company has said that he will also include the Separator in many other faces in his slogan ‘Just Do It’ campaign 30th anniversary. In the new campaign, the company has written with the face of Kaepernick, ‘Keep your faith. Even if everything has to be left for it (Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything). Market experts say that Nike knows that its customers are young at the age of 14-22 years and they like these attitudes. After the NFL episode, Kaepernick had to separate from the NFL and he is not yet part of any team. The campaign was launched on Monday and since then the company’s stock has fallen by 4 percent since its protest. Since the demand to boycott, people are protesting on social media and talking about it. Social Media Analysis firm TalkWorker has said that in the last 24 hours, more than 20 million Nike Motion has been done on social media. One of the critics of the Colin Copernicus was also a US President Donald Trump on the incident in 2016. He said that this step of Kaepernick was ungrateful and insulting. In an interview on Tuesday, he described this campaign of Nike as a frightening decision. Trump had then pressurized the NFL to let its players not behave like this, which the NFL had to admit, but NFL has also appreciated this decision to take Kaepernick into the Nike campaign.